Game day report – 11/14

Written by SLAdmin on November 14th, 2010

(queue that guy’s voice that used to do the old NFL films highlights) Today, A meeting of giants. On my side? Youth. And the stupidity that accompanies youth. And a really crappy team around said youth. My nemesis has gone the opposite route. Age. Lots of age. And questionable talent. Questionable even before the age kicked in. And a really overrated bad team around questionably talented age. It’s suckleague hotshot Jimmy Clausen, and the supporting (sort of) crew known as the Carolina football Panthers, taking on John Kitna and the crap train of horrible that is the Dallas Cowboys.

The mighty Clausen The mighty Kitna

I also bet on Dallas’ D to fold against a strong Giants team. My adversary went with the Jacksonville Jaguar defense. Not a bad call either, Houtson’s offense will put up 30 on an above average day. So with the whiney young superstar and the mess that is Dallas’ D in my pocket I felt pretty good going into today’s game. I’ll spoil the ending, I was victorious but not by much and it was pretty scary for a while: Up at 1pm, my QB and his defense. Clausen looked predicable uncomfortable, but just never found his suck groove. He was oddly competent in taking care of the ball. There’s no room for that, he’ll need to focus better next week. There were lots of interception opportunities, but Tampa’s D just couldn’t come up with any. So Clausen gave me 5.20. You never want to see positive points, but 5.20 is no cause for panic. Jacksonville’s D was predictably average bordering on bad and yielded my opponent 2.00.

Queue 4:15, show time. Time for Dallas’ D to collapse and win this thing for me. I never go near veteran QBs, well mostly never, but Kitna vs the Giants D was making me nervous. However he went out and showed why I stay away from veterans. 3 TDs and a mess of yards, 24.6 points. The day is mine.

Or is it. Wait, Dallas’ D is playing well, what the deuce?  Not sure if they like Jason Garrett or are simply running scared now that Jerry Jones has lowered the shithammer of pain in big D, but 2 picks, a TD, and a recovered fumble? The last quarter of this game aged me several years. But in the end, the 17 points Dallas’ D put up was no match for John Kita’s epic loss of direction. Victor, me:  22.20 to 26.60.


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