To Thigpen or not to Thigpen – 11/18

Written by SLAdmin on November 18th, 2010

That was the question, and it’s starting to look like I missed the bus. THE BUS OF PAIN. (sorry)

As I sit here watching the second of these wonderful holiday season Thursday night games, Joe Theismann is, as usual, annoying me to the point of making me question fundamental things about the universe. Like procreation, joy, etc.  Actually Joe is a great announcer and prepares like no other, but his intensity has always rubbed me the wrong way. Every game Joe Theismann announces is literally the superbowl in Joe’s mind. Two 0-15 teams could meet for the last game of the season and Joe would go off on some diatribe like “I LIKE THIS MATCH UP. THESE TEAMS ARE HUNGRY AND THIS IS A PLAYOFF TYPE ATMOSPHERE. ” before he rips his shirt off and eats it. Joe, really it’s Buffalo vs. Cincinatti, drop this charade and admit they suck. Anyhow, it’s actually Chicago vs. Miami and suck prospect Tyler Thigpen is humming along with a pick (damn near 2, his second was overturned in review), a sack, a fumble, a whole half of football left, and -3.80 points. This could be big, if he keeps his eyes on the prize and throws another pick, and then say loses a fumble, this could be one of the better (worse) performances of the week. But I decided to roll with Tony Pike. (sshyee) Sorry, I had a small seizure of joy thinking about Tony Pike vs. Baltimore. Or possibly Brian St. Pierre. (Whoever the heck that is). But John Fox won’t name a starter just yet. He’s obviously playing a classic game of chess with Jim Harbagh because you can’t possibly game plan for both Brian St. Pierre AND Tony Pike. Whatever will Baltimore do? Or, is it in reality, the fact that in the 14 ½ minutes and counting that John Fox has left as coach of the Carolina football Panthers, he’s lost the will to even bother choosing between two players that couldn’t beat out Jimmy Clausen or the other guy for the starting job?  (I really don’t feel like looking his name up.) Fine Matt Moore. Actually he was my QB for game one and did very well (poorly). Sorry Matt, it’s hard sometimes to keep everybody’s name straight in suck league. Actually it’s safe to say in suckleague, if you can’t remember your guy’s name, you more than likely have a winner! (loser). Anyway once John Fox pulls the trigger on Brian St. Pike or Tony Pierre, that’s my option for the week. I will, as we all will, watch on pins and needles as the mighty Thigpen leads his troops into the second act of Superbowl 45. Joe Theisman just punched Bob Papa in the forehead and is putting some kind of shaman voodoo curse on Matt Millen because they won’t admit Carlos Dansby is the greatest defender in the history of the NFL.



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