Post Mortem – 11/22

Written by SLAdmin on November 22nd, 2010

God I love Monday Night Football. To hear Gruden comment on football is my reward for not gnawing a limb off and beating myself to death with it. This is exactly what I wanted to do during the Pats / Colts game. Some games I look forward to all week, then game day I find out they’re on CBS and I cringe a little. Best part of that game? Phil Simms could barely talk. If a vending machine cheese burger could be employed as a football announcer, it would sound a lot like Phil Simms. In all fairness, I don’t even know why I dislike his announcing so much.  Maybe it’s comments like “Tom Brady likes to throw the ball”. Or maybe it’s just that CBS has the worst audio feed on the planet. Some executive at CBS starts every Sunday morning with the following directive: “If I can hear the announcers over the crowd noise, somebody is getting fired”.

So, as I last posted, I went with Brian St Pierre this match, and this pattern is pissing me off:  Throw for a TD then throw 2 pick 6s. Max Hall did the same freaking thing to me earlier in the season. CAN WE SKIP THE DELUSION AND GET RIGHT TO THE INTERCEPTIONS PLEASE? Sheese. For defense I went with Denver. I figure they won’t have much luck vs. Phil Rivers since he throws for 700 yards a game and is like 9’ 10” tall. My adversary stuck with the mighty Kitna this week and yet again paid the price for playing a veteran.

Almost 2 quarters down. You know who sucks but doesn’t really suck at all is Kyle Orton. He reminds me of Cutler. Denver has effectively replaced Jay Cutler with Jay Cutler. Albeit one that complains less and doesn’t have those odd, pouty lips. Josh McDaniels is going to have to put his brilliant strategist hat on during halftime to pull this one out. (Translation: I’m fine).

UPDATE – All in all, a great showing for me, mostly on the strength of defense thanks to Denver’s very solid (horrible) showing of -10. Sweet victory is once again mine. Oh and if you’re in a supplementary coaches suck league, hopefully you had Wade Phillips or Brad Childress.



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