Searching for Bobby Fischer – 11/25

Written by SLAdmin on November 25th, 2010

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Thursday night football this time of year? If not, I really enjoy Thursday night football this time of year. And that is the backdrop for what I think is a tough week in suck land, but, I’ve probably already won my game unless something really odd happens. (THANK YOU DETROIT DEFENSE) If you can count on anything, it’s that Detroit will lay a massive egg on Thanksgiving. But they really have outdone themselves: 45 points allowed and only 1 sack. Suckleague result, -13 points. Is it wrong that kind of gives me a boner? Very probably.

But anyway, Detroitians must be very used to the Thanksgiving tradition of, go to the game, witness loss, come home, eat Turkey. Makes more sense than getting up at 4am to pay $15 for a toaster that will be $10 in 2 weeks I guess. But on to my quarterback dilemma.

Brian St Pike is scaring me this week, mostly due to Cleveland. First off, let me say, I respect parents that man up and parent immensely. That’s the toughest job there is and real men parent. (And ladies). But if a QB’s resume contains “stay at home” anything in the past few weeks, I guess you stick with him. Hopefully Cleveland doesn’t let me down.

“Hopefully Cleveland doesn’t let me down”. Wow, Nothing good can follow that statement.

UPDATE – John Fox is apparently playing chess again. He’s pulling the trigger on a last minute switch to Jimmy Clausen. Rob Ryan can be heard to say, “Damn you sir. I spent a whole week game planning for the mighty St. Pierre. Now you play the Clausen gambit? Damn you to hell.”



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