Pain week – 12/1

Written by SLAdmin on December 1st, 2010

This is rough. There is an obvious play this week if you haven’t already called it, Derek Anderson. He’s on an epically terrible team and just had a meltdown on live TV that Jim Mora thought was inappropriate. However, this could go one of two ways. Let’s not forget this guy was a pro bowler in 2007 and threw 29 TDS, and can have flashes of brilliance occasionally. So I will warn, start him at your own risk, he’s majorly pissed off and that can result in greatness or more suck, we’ll see. But I’m taking him out of consideration this week. Guys I’m considering, somewhat to maybe to not at all:

Chad Henne: Betting on Cleveland’s defense to bring you a fantasy victory is as dumb as the day is long. No.

Drew Stanton: If indeed Shawn Hill can’t go, this is the best play of the week. However, my adversary has already grabbed him.

Jason Campbell: Also schizophrenic play, could throw 3TDs, could throw 75 INTs. No.

Peyton Manning: Excuse me? Did I just trigger some kind of upside down reverse mortgage fantasy karma by even suggesting that? Look, he’s one of the greatest ever, but the team is literally decimated. He threw 4 picks last week. However, he’s still Manning and threw 2 TDs and always has a mess of yards. It’s the “he’s still Manning” part that would terrify me, so if you’re an idiot or have balls or you’re a balsy idiot, have a go at this one. Also, it’s Dallas’ D, but they have been doing better recently. So perhaps against this shell of a Colts team. No.

John Kitna: No way.

Jimmy Clausen: I’m probably staying with him, but he looks a little less shitty each week and I’m starting to sweat.

Defensively, going with the Lions again. Culter seems to be good Jay Culter as of late and he should be able to put up 30 or so on this crew.

On a serious note, it’s no secret that I love the Monday Night Football announcers. However in this case I think that John Gruden acted like a giant douchebag for focusing on Derek Anderson blowing off some steam and having a moment of levity with his teammate. The guy had a bad day at work and he’s laughing with his teammate, more than likely wondering how it could get worse and making light of it. What’s he supposed to do, Chuckie, sit on the sideline flagellating himself with a leather whip like some dark age monk? He’s what Suckelague is all about, not taking our successes or failures too seriously. I think he’s getting a really raw deal here and hope he bounces back against St Loius. If you think he had no right to laugh that performance off, you really need to check yourself.


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