Game Day Report – 12 / 5

Written by SLAdmin on December 5th, 2010






The mighty Clausen The Mighty Stanton

Some days smell of war. You don’t so much wake up on a day where Jimmy Clausen faces Drew Stanton as much as your willed out of bed by the still alive spirit of 1,000 long dead Visigoths screaming for vengeance. Men would be hewn through stench and fire on this Sunday.

It began on Thursday actually. My adversary had wisely pulled the trigger on the Houston Texans defense, and they did not disappoint. While having one INT, they generally mailed it in and let Philly put up 34 on them. Going into Sunday, he’s up by a healthy -3.00 already. And has the mighty Drew Stanton waiting at the gate. Could I compete with this juggernaut?

Armed with Detroit’s defense and the mighty Clausen, Sunday arrived. Clausen was strong (weak) and kept his eyes on the prize (kept his eyes off the prize) and delivered: No TDs, an INT, and a fumble. A solid -1.80 performance. However, Detroit was a bit stronger than they should have been and netted me 6 points. It was up to Drew. And, oh dear, did he not suck at all. 2 TDs, no turnovers and almost 200 yards. And against the supposedly vaunted Chicago defense. Thanks to his 19.20 outing, the dead Visigoths scream a new name tonight. Mine. (Nice)


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