Ride him til the wheels fall off – 12/8

Written by SLAdmin on December 8th, 2010

Tempting fate is always a massive danger in suckleague. Cumulative weeks of bad play by young quarterbacks tend to equate to something known as “experience”. This phenomenon has the unfortunate effect of lessening terrible play. Consequently IT HAS NO PLACE HERE AND I HATE IT. But alas, I will still take my chances and, no surprise here, surrounded by a truly, genuinely heinous Carolina team, I’ll be riding Jimmy Clausen until the wheels fall off. (Rumor has it John Fox has him on his suck team as well)

Other notables: It looks like Derek Andersen is responding to the adversity of the past few weeks with some really solid, terrible quarterback play. However, facing Denver in chapter one of the “Studesville” epoch, anything can happen. DA was a solid (god awful) play last week, but I can’t shake this feeling that he will respond with some greatness (greatness) as some point. Play him at your own risk.

If Tampa’s defense wasn’t so decimated, Donovan Mcnabb might be a great (horrendous) play. But most compelling, Chad “the shithammer of pain” Henne faces the Jets. This had the potential to be a truly epic fail had New England not removed the Jets’ scrotum last week. I’ll have more in a bit, Henne is starting to sound better than Clausen. Maybe. I need to retire to my thinking area. (Drink a beer on the toilet). Oh screw you, don’t judge me.


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