Kerry Collins likes to pick his nose – 12/9

Written by SLAdmin on December 9th, 2010

No, I haven’t decided a winner (loser) in the Henne / Clausen debate. I’m hoping a new post will clear my thoughts. Some current mental dry heaves:

Man I love having football on Thursday night. That said, these announcers are killing me. I took about 15 minutes to see what kind of quotes I could get from this crew:

Matt Millen: “Big players make big plays in big games.” Isn’t there a convention of guys who’ve destroyed NFL franchises and say stupid obvious things that you’re late for?

Kerry collins picking his nose on the sideline. I know that’s not a quote, but I can’t not write that down.

Bob papa: “God’s blessed him with a gun.” What?

Matt Millen: “He uses his power to get into the end zone.” Interesting choice, I’d have thought he might use his sense of humor or zeal for chess.

Matt Millen: “Great players got to make great plays.” That’s fascinating, I wonder what big players should do?

Ok, enough, I would imagine Santa is considering cancelling Christmas if he’s watching this. Hopefully I make a decision on Henne / Clausen at some point.


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