RODGERS!!! – 12/13

Written by SLAdmin on December 13th, 2010

Well my suckleague winning (losing) streak is over. One man took me down, strong enough to take down Jimmy Clausen. No, not John Skelton. He was responsible with the football and yielded my opponent 5.00 points. Clausen was once again brilliant (not at all brilliant) and netted me -4.20 points. So why no joy in Clausenslavia? One man, or I should say lack of one man, AARON RODGERS.

Are you kidding me? Curtis Painter just called and thinks Green Bay is too dependent on their QB. Can a team be that bad without one guy? (Colts fan, don’t answer that). The freaking Lion’s defense, was able to have their way with Matt “smell the ownage” Flynn. Ugh, 20.00 points,  the Lion’s offense wishes they could score 20 points!

Oh well.


This too shall scab over.


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