Headed for Canton – 12/15

Written by SLAdmin on December 15th, 2010

Scratch that, the suckleague hall of fame will not be in the freezing cold terrible midwest, it will be in Sarasota.  Or maybe South Beach. Whatever, we’ll figure that out, but 100% it won’t be north of Georgia.

Lone member Alex Smith, 2005, is LONG overdue for some company. And my boy, James Richard Clausen is on track to do just that.

He’s NEGATIVE FOURTEEN for the season. For you noobs, having a negative number FOR THE SEASON (provided you’ve played more than a game or two) is damn near impossible to acheive. Anyone can pull a -10 one week,  but they usually bounce back or have schizophrenically unpredictable swings of “ok” and “terrible”. This kind of horror consistency is rare indeed. It’s very reminiscent of Alex Smith’s rookie season in many ways. You have a coach with not a ton to lose by keeping him in, as well as coaching / management that wants their supposed “franchise guy” to take his lumps and get better. It’s the suckleague perfect storm, and we haven’t seen it since 05 to this extent.

Carolina’s upcoming schedule is favorable as well. Yes, they play the Cardinals this week, but their last 2 games are @Pittsburg and @Atlanta. Wow. (No I didn’t get a boner thinking about that. Much)

Folks, we may be catching lightning in a bottle one more time.

James Richard


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