This could get ugly – 12/17

Written by SLAdmin on December 17th, 2010

It’s tough decision week in suck league. Sticking with Jimmy Clausen as he faces a really putrid Arizona team (playing Denver does not count) has me nervous enough. It’s a long term decision, his two games after AZ are Steelers and Falcons. (I can’t stop smiling about that).

However, with events this week, I’m now truly mortified:

1)     Aaron Rogers going down means the centurion of accuracy Matt Flynn is facing the Patriots. IN BOSTON. WITH NO DEFENSE OR RUNNING GAME TO SPEAK OF.

2)     Mike Shanahan has benched Donovan McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman. When you’re done laughing, try to grasp the repugnance of that move.

As of now, the adversary has Matt Flynn getting the nod. I’m not sure anything can help me, but with what I’ll refer to as the “triangle of horror” making its debut this week, we are in for some truly appalling quarterback play.

Anticipate fantasy numbers that plummet right through the earth’s crust into pools of molten magma.


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