Bizzaro Week comes to a close – 12/20

Written by SLAdmin on December 20th, 2010

And as oddly as it started, it ends.

In a week where I thought fantasy football servers around the country would fail one after the other, because there must be some theoretical lower limit to a negative signed integer that if exceeded causes a modern processor to lose hope and fail, what started as the “triangle of horror”, mutated into the “pentagon of putrid” and finally spawned the “heptagon of hideous” has shocked the reverse fantasy football world, resulting in nothing short of the Totem Pole of Awesome. While Croyle and Webb were spared, (Favre has just started for Minnesota as I write this), minus John Skelton’s reasonably terrible -3.60, this group of outcasts, rookies, near rookies, and supposed washups turned our suck league on it’s ear:

Somehow in this decimation, I won the week. In spite of Clausen’s¬†efficiency, San Francisco’s defense was spectatuarly awful, netting me -6.00. Along with Clausen, my total 4.60 was a safe victory over the adversary’s Matt Flynn / Green Bay defense’s combined 20.80.

Seasoned bald veteran Matt Hasslebeck sits atop this week’s Shame Pole, crushing his less experienced competition. Way to thug up Matt, at least somebody tried.


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