Suckleague Danger – 12/28

Written by SLAdmin on December 28th, 2010

I shot myself in the foot this week. A persistent danger in negative fantasy football is focusing too much on your quarterback and making a half assed choice on defense. Jimmy Clausen reeked with definitude, delivering another masterful nonsuccess that yeilded me -5.00 points. I was so confident in his ability to impose his inability on Pittsburg that I spent all of 13 seconds selecting Minnesota as my defense. And I sure am paying for it now.

Had I put even minimal effort into it, Oakland, Buffalo, and Seattle would have jumped off the screen at me. The adversary is destroying me thanks to Minnesota’s 21 points. I guess I’ll blame the mayor of Philly. He’s a wuss that can’t do calculus according to theĀ governor.

Mayor of Philly


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