The horror – 1/2

Written by SLAdmin on January 2nd, 2011

Clausen threw a TD.

I have no desire to talk about my score this week.

However, something truly wonderful happened. The adversary, as this is a gentleman’s game and he is a gentleman (asshole) (sorry, just bitter about the loss), IM’d me this morning and wanted to start either Fitzpatrick or Brohm. However Chan Gailey wouldn’t name a starter. Of course not I thought, would you? Can you imagine the level of discomposure and depth of angst in that Jets locker room while they wait? And wonder, and agonize? Nor can I.

But I’m a good sport and I hate indecisive coaches as well so I said sure, why not, just call it Buffalo’s QB and whoever starts is yours. Again, the core of suckleague is the sense that no matter who your opponent selects, you always have the chance to win.

You know, unless your opponent’s QB scores NEGATIVE FIFTEEN. I mean, holy shit, this is historic. I’ll have to check the archives, but if that’s not the worst single QB score ever, it’s certainly in the top 3 (bottom 3). Plus he had Cleveland’s defense for -12.00, totally ambuscading my poor guys with an utterly disgusting -27.00. Bra freaking vo is all I can say, eye of the tiger man.

Fittingly, I’ll take the remainder of this post and tip my hat to my newest suckleague man-crush, Brian Brohm. As always, we’ll wish him nothing but success in the NFL, but also as always, take your time getting there. For comparison’s sake, my best (most horrific) QB showing of the year was week 5, Jimmy Clausen: -9.20.

Negative fifteen. I’m awe struck Brian, good on you.

Brian freaking Brohm


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    This is your best writing yet!

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