Excellence when called upon – 1/23

Written by SLAdmin on January 23rd, 2011

This post is about excellence (implosion), manning up (sobbing on the inside), and focus (complete lack of focus). But to that in a moment.

I’m currently watching the Jets / Steelers game on the network that hates all of us, CBS. Understood I’ve said this before, but it’s ceaseless. HOW CAN AUDIO BE THIS BAD?

It’s like they constructed an uncommonly large coffee can, (roughly 8 feet high with a 5 foot diameter), hoisted it into the middle of the section 138, and Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are standing inside of it and calling the game. Only I think in all seriousness, THAT WOULD SOUND BETTER THAN WHAT THIS GAME SOUNDS LIKE. I KNOW I’M ON AN ALL CAPS METH BINGE OF SORTS, BUT I HATE, HATE, HATE CBS BROADCASTS. And dammit, I want to watch this game!

And Phil Simms’ asinine comments are taking a painful experience and elevating it to harrowing torment. Granted, the Jets are playing better than I expected, but for the most part, the Steelers are beating them handily. But Dr. Dumbass can’t stop gushing about how the Jets are poised to dominate. He is literally engaging in a non-stop bukakke of fandom all over Jim Nantz’s face. I hope wake up soon and find the game is actually on Fox.

Speaking of which, back to the topic of this post.
I can’t say enough about Jay Cutler. In a game of that magnitude, in one half of football: 0 TDs, a fumble, an interception, a passer rating in the 30′s, then sit down with a knee injury. Are you kidding me? A performance like that in a conference championship game? You get nothing but props here.

Jay Cutler Smile

Didn’t Chris Simms play with no spleen once?


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