Judging the talent so far

Written by SLAdmin on July 9th, 2011

It’s safe to say Cam Newton sucks.

I can say that because we’re still in the middle of a lockout. As I have no evidence to the contrary at this point, everyone that’s been drafted sucks. What do you think of that?
Sorry, I guess this is my lockout rage post. I’m having real issues trying to get into the upcoming football season knowing there might not be one. But, I’m a good sport, let’s try to feign some enthusiasm:

Christan Ponder is on my shit list. He played in a terrible conference where he was somewhat average and hurt a lot. If you thought buying MySpace for $580 million and selling it for $35 million was a sharp move, Minnesota burned the #12 pick on this cat.

And there you have it, cutting journalism smack dab in the middle of our long national lockout nightmare. Look, you try and do this, the lockout makes it impossible to be exciting or concise about any NFL prospects.

So bite me, there’s my post.

UPDATE: Ignore the above, Christian Ponder is NFL rookie of the year and a first ballot hall of famer.
(I googled his girlfriend. This is Kacie Mcdonnell)

Christian Ponder's girlfriend


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