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Written by SLAdmin on August 17th, 2011

I can’t say enough about how exciting (pitiable) the QB situation is in Carolina for this year’s Suckleague. However, having just covered that, let’s look at some other bright (oh, so very dark) spots at the QB position.

San Francisco is giving it’s all, trying to outshine Carolina with the combination of Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, and the fresh signing of Josh McCown. If you doubted San Francisco‚Äôs resolve to hoist the Lombardi trophy in 2012, you need to look no further than the McCown signing, and you will certainly come to the conclusion: They have no interest whatsoever in hoisting the Lombardi trophy in 2012. Now, let me say this, and I’ve said it before, I actually like Alex Smith. I think he has some actual talent, and I always route for him in the back of my head. (Mainly because he’s given me so many Suckleague victories, karmically, he deserves a Super Bowl ring in real life.)

Travelling north a bit on our good will tour of quarterback angst, Seattle is the complete package (utter mess) as well. Observation – Didn’t Minnesota do everything it could for the last few years to avoid starting Tavaris Jackson? From Sage Rosenfeld to Brett Favre, they clearly prefer, let’s be honest, ANYBODY, to Jackson. So kudos to Seattle for snatching him up as a starter and to supposedly “mentor” (What’s the opposite of mentor?) Charlie Whitehurst. I can only assume Pete Caroll has his own Suckleague and is stacking the deck in his favor.

Finally, hard as we try not to, something compels us to rubberneck and look at the car accident when we should just let the authorities do their business and not hold up traffic. This brings us to the Washington Redskins. John Beck and Rex Grossman are the plan in our nation’s capital. Rather than comment on that, I’ll leave it to long dead Greek tragedists to put that into historical perspective.



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