The Andy Dalton experiment is over

Written by SLAdmin on September 18th, 2011

We could have been something special Andy. Alas, the Bengals schedule is simply a joke, and Andy Dalton is improving, gaining confidence, and playing better each week. While I’m happy for Andy and his career, this does nothing for my Suckleague team. It was a terrible (positive) week for me, Dalton was efficient and good for 2 TDs. My defense, Miami, while not good by any stretch, was in the positive as well, albeit with a meager +2.

The adversary’s team however, was absolutely disgusting. Luke Mccown, if by some freak of chance he continues to start, is looking to breeze into the Suckelague hall of fame.

Four… 4… \for\… ****… The square root of sixteen… Cuatro… 3 plus one… Wake me up be-FOUR you fucking go-go….. FOUR interceptions before being sat down. How. How, do you leave a guy in after say, I don’t know, THREE?

Anyway, combined with Carolina’s woeful -3.00 performance against Green Bay, the adversary’s team flat out decimated my supposed “team” with a -17.80 to my very un-suckleaguelike 25.40.

Back to the drawing board, the title of the post says it all.

Andy Dalton experiment over


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    • SLAdmin says:

      I sure hope not, as the adversary just picked him up last night.
      Good looking suckleague by the way, never seen it done with 6 people, that’s awesome.

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