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Written by SLAdmin on September 30th, 2011

I didn’t have a chance to post at all last week, so let me first get up to speed on last week’s match:

I am knocking over Kerry’s Collin’s garbage cans next time I pass his house.

I played it pretty well I thought, Blain Gabbert at QB, Buffalo on D. The adversary jumped on Kerry Collins slinging the rock and Kansas City for his “defense”.

Defenses, however, were no help. Both well into the positive. Also, did I miss a meeting or something, when did Buffalo get good? Gabbert was reasonably terrible, a pick and TD, tad over a 100 yards. Not the epic it could have been, but 2.40 points isn’t the end of the world. Hence I entered Sunday evening needing Collins to score a paltry 5.5 points, and I’d be golden. If his 7000 years of experience can just allow him to be an efficient veteran for one lousy game, I’ll have the day.

3.60 points later, Kerrance gets knocked out with a concussion. I lost (won) by 1.9 lousy points. Enjoy those upright garbage cans, Kerry. FOR NOW.

Enter week 4.

Blaine Gabbert and Curtis Painter are going to play each other.

What an odd sounding statement. What’s wrong with their parents? Who made up those names? That sounds like what a kindergartner would turn in if his homework assignment was “Write a complete sentence”.

See Blaine run. See Curtis Painter fall down. See Blaine throw 8 interceptions. See Curtis throw 2 touchdowns. See the adversary cry. Yeah, so that’s my hope anyway, reality could be quite different.

The adversary was nice enough to grab Curtis Painter before the reporter could even finish saying the words: “It’s official, the Colts are starting Cur”….<mouse click>…”Hey I grabbed Curtis Painter, how’s Tampa’s D been looking?”.

I’m going big, nay, HUGE on Denver’s defense. That team is so messed up right now, so mark my words (don’t really), Denver is headed to the reverse fantasy football hall of fame when Green Bay drops 70 on them. The adversary is betting on Oakland giving up 30 or 40 to the chowds, which sadly is probable.

Wait, what was that noise? I didn’t hear anything, DID YOU KERRY COLLINS?

Kerry Collins trashcan


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