Blaine and Me

Written by SLAdmin on October 10th, 2011

Busy weekend at Suckleague central, let’s all get up to speed.

I’m still riding the reverse fantasy football chariot of greatness (terror) that is Blaine Gabbert. The wheels haven’t fallen off yet, but they’re clearly making a grinding noise, and I don’t think they’re exactly round either.

He’s GREAT (appalling) at fumbling the ball. 5 fumbles so far, and 2 of them lost. He’s thrown 2 picks as well, however, he’s thrown a touchdown every single week. That is the kind of lack of focus that will get you ZERO notoriety around here.

Defensively, I jumped on Carolina at the last minute and they showed up (mailed it in) for the most part with a -2.00. So I’m at a reasonably crappy 2.00 for the week as I write this. My fate however, is still not known, as the adversary has a Monday Night Football fetish. Apparently, he has to pick the QB that plays in the MNF game every week. On top of that, he’s a morning person, so he has to wait until Tuesday morning to find out what happened. It’s an odd strategy and it really hasn’t worked out for him, but it’s worked out smashingly for me, and I’ve stayed up to enjoy the last few Monday night games.

Defensively he went with Atlanta but they were only mildly terrible with a 6.00. His QB? Jay Culter. That’s what I thought at as well. Whatever you think about Jay Cutler, he’s been productive this year. I’ll hold off on posting this until the game is over, but in the meantime, let’s see what the Monday night game is next week: Ah, the adversary will go with Matt Moore.

UPDATE: Cutler fine, adversary sad. Goodnight.


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