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Written by SLAdmin on October 13th, 2011

These are exciting times in the Suckblogosphere*. According to the googles, our first resident from Austria has visited for some reverse fantasy football wisdom. Or, you know, by pure and utter accident. But this was no spam visit, our Teutonic friend stayed for nearly 2 minutes and clicked on 3 different pages. I can speculate as to his or her reaction. (Pretend I’m speaking in a solid Austriasloviciasian accent):

- “Vas es un Andy Dalton?”
- “I don’t understanden the lyrics to “You can still rock in America” either.”
- “Cleveland really does suck, even ve know that.”

So welcome. But enough of this international goodwill tangent, onto this week. I was so tempted to draft Matt Moore but I ended up sticking with Blaine Gabbert. No human has said that sentence ever.

Moore is a GREAT pick this week, but it came down to strength of schedule. Blaine’s next two opponents? Baltimore and Pittsburg. Yep, that was joy you just heard leaping out of my keyboard.

The adversary is either playing it brilliant or flat out dumb this week, going with Michael Vick. I want to mock this pick and mock it hard, but every week Vick gets worse, along with the rest of the team. Vick could be the suckleague sleeper of the week, odder things have happened.

Defensively, I grabbed St. Louis, a team that’s hard to say anything about other than, “Do they still have a team?” The adversary picked up the Jets who should fare quite well at home against Miami’s “team”.

I’d wanted to include a picture of something uniquely Austrian, and so many things came to mind, it was hard to pick. That is of course a complete lie, but a quick web search turns up that they invented PEZ. So there’s that. Look it’s Peyton Manning! You know, if Peyton Manning had injected human growth hormone into his chin for 6 months.

* thanks to Dan for inventing this term

Jacked up Manning


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