Back to the drawing board

Written by SLAdmin on October 20th, 2011

Well that’s it. The Blaine Gabbert / Andy Dalton era has come to close. There’s a maxim of Suckleague that I’ve always followed and it’s typically served me pretty well in decimating the adversary most years. And it is thus: Inexperience trumps everything.

However, not this year. The NFL is pass happy right now. Something like 4 quarterbacks are on pace to break Dan Marino’s record. “Experts” blame the lockout and maybe that’s so. If defenses just aren’t that good this year because of the work stoppage, it certainly explains why the rookie class is lighting it up.

That said, I have to go with my gut. CHRISTIAN PONDER GOT THE STARTING NOD YESTERDAY AND I WAS SHARP ENOUGH TO GRAB HIM… “Hey now, why the all caps, too much caffeine?”

NO, the adversary fell asleep at the wheel, and claims Mcnabb wasn’t benched until today, and by his logic, I MUST have “petitioned” some “deity” to backdate every news single news item on the internet for the entire planet. Can we be rational around here for half a second? Actually don’t answer that, but I didn’t “petition” any “deity” to backdate blog posts. I simply wouldn’t do that.

Besides he has Matt Moore… Who he dropped… For John Beck… I don’t know what kind of chain reaction of reverse fantasy football karma that’s bound set in motion, but I WOULDN’T WANT TO BE YOU ON SUNDAY DUDE, KARMA’S A BITCH.

Ok, I’m starting to sound like I drive a late 80s full size pickup with chrome wheels, so let’s just compose ourselves and talk about this week’s match up.

As stated, the adversary has gone with John Beck, who could be poised to proselytize as a missionary of awful. I am of course rolling hard with Christian Ponder, and if you’ve ever seen his girlfriend, you know Christian Ponder ALWAYS wins. Defensively I’ve grabbed Minnesota as well, but I’m not huge on putting all my eggs in one basket, so there may be an update there. The smelly liar adversary is going with Indy’s D against New Orleans, a very good (horrible) play.

So that’s it, I’m calling it. Ponder ends this streak of rookie awesomeness, and has a HORRIBLE week. In a football capacity, obviously….

Christian Ponder's girlfriend


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