Oh good, Matt showed up…

Written by SLAdmin on November 7th, 2011

It’s quite the feeling when your guy throws 3 or 4 interceptions; a real sense of accomplishment. But when your opponents’ guy throws 3 touchdowns, I mean sure a win is a win, and you can make fun of his shirt and his face and all that, but the sense of accomplishment is clearly lessened. Having said that, I completely vaporized the adversary this week. Not so much because of my team, but his last minute move to start Matt Moore.

As to my team, I can’t say I was all that impressed with Red Skelton. Or, John Skelton. Whatever. He threw for over 200 yards and a TD, good for 14.00 points here at Suckleague base camp. I was, however, impressed with my last minute defense change. I took a chance on Cleveland (no one has said that ever) and they really showed up (unconditionally withdrew) with a solid -4.00.

As for the adversary, as if Matt Moore wasn’t enough, he went all in with Miami and took their defense as well. He ended up with over, gah, 40 points. Not much you can say, just a reverse fantasy football day of pain for him, and anyone else who was unfortunate enough to go near Matt Moore. So victory it is, just a bit emptier than usual. Yep, we were all having a great time until Matt Moore – NFL quarterback, decided to crash the party.

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