Written by SLAdmin on November 16th, 2011

I’m late posting results this week, as I managed to pick up a cold visiting some friends over the weekend. Their 2 year old twin girls were positively adorable and, like all children under 5, essentially walking petri dishes. My immune system fought the good fight, but I write this with a sore throat and a light head. (Yes lighter than usual, good one..)

To week 10: The Philadelphia Eagles should consider renaming themselves to the Philadelphia Al Michael’s Combover. Why? Both are about as convincing and fraudulent. I mean, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Jack Skelton threw for 3 TDs and 315 yards against the Combover’s “dream team” of overpaid cornerbacks.

Skelton almost single handedly lured me into the Penn State shower stall, but I barely escaped thanks to Minnesota’s abhorrent defense. Man, they stood right up and collapsed, delivering an altogether disgraceful -8.00, helping to negate Skelton’s 20.20.

The adversary similarly got screwed by the Combovers, as Arizona’s defense held the supposed dream offense to 17 and posted 2 interceptions. Their showing of 12.00, combined with Tavaris Jackson’s wholly mediocre 6.40, was just enough to push him far enough into the positive to get me the victory. So live and learn, Skelton is apparently good and has no place whatsoever here in suckland.

Your Nyquil influenced closing: Al Micheals is the greatest play by play guy out there. (And OWNS the combover)



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