Written by SLAdmin on November 21st, 2011

I’m just chilling as I watch the Monday night game without much drama.
While anything can happen, I’m fairly certain I’ll win this week:

Tampa’s D was sufficiently horrid, yielding me a solid -9.00 before my QB even set foot on the field this evening. The adversary went with Josh Freeman, yielding him a not at all solid 15.60 before his defense even set foot on the field this evening.

So both of our collective lunch monies are on Kansas City, mine on Palko, his on the mighty Chief “defense”.

So, with this lull in drama, I think I’ll have an open thread for the next hour or so until I fall over, (this stupid cold will not go away) and just post some bullet points of whatever observations come to mind:

- Man Tyler Palko’s hair is flat out wonderful.

- Vince Wolfork would do a number on an oriental super buffet.

- There’s some really pretty girls from Boston in that stadium, but I still think I’d have problems getting past that ridiculous accent.

- Most descriptive word I can think of to describe Todd Haley: Unkempt.

- Ben-Jar-Vis-Green-Ell-is. The-Ad-Ver-Sar-y-sucks. Hmm, both 6 syllables.

And for your convenience, I’ve grouped the stupid John Gruden comments together:

- “It’s hard to run the ball against this Kansas City Chief defense.” (No it’s not.)
- “That’s just great football by Tyler Palko.” (What?)
- “That’s bad football right there by Palko.” (You should have said that the first time)
- “Now that’s a running play.” (I figured as much when the quarterback handed the ball the to running back)

Ok, bedtime. Todd Haley looks tired as well.



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