Tyler, we hardly knew ye

Written by SLAdmin on November 29th, 2011

This post is late (due to turkey). And holy crap did I have a tasty turkey on Thursday. A buddy of mine cooked it up right. It’s all about brining people, get your dry-flavorless-turkey-eating self educated: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brining.

And now back to our regularly scheduled reverse fantasy football train wreck. This year finally had a superstar (flaming turd) and, predictably, it looks like the plug is about to be pulled. In a year where no one has stood up and shined (been consistently reprehensible), Tyler freaking Palko has made a dent in the universe: 2 games, 6 interceptions, NO TDS, and a fumble lost. -15.60 in those 2 outings and led me to two solid wins.

Alas, the mighty (abhorrent) Chiefs have called in reinforcements in the form of Kyle Orton. I’m going to be in denial about this for a few more days, so I’m recommending a “hold” position on Palko, perhaps Orton doesn’t pick up enough of the playbook in time. I also have Detroit’s defense against New Orleans at home, with a suspended Suh, thanks to his happy feet.

The adversary is really hurting for a win at this point, but his line-up this week is terrifying: The potent T.J. Yates batting cleanup for the QB mess in Houston, combined with Indianapolis’ “defense” facing the Patriots.

Sadly, I fully suspect Orton will get the call for KC, so expect update soon. I’m not about to get brined if I can help it. But man, I’d be tasty if I did….



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