This is getting silly

Written by SLAdmin on December 15th, 2011

It’s just into the 3rd quarter of the Atlanta / Jacksonville game, and Blaine Gabbert looks ridiculous (ly putrid).  Thus far, he’s thrown for 21 yards, been sacked 3 times, fumbled twice and lost both of them. I’m in awe of his growing pains and in awe that I didn’t have the stones to start him. Atlanta is usually so hit or miss, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

It’s kind of a tough week to call. I’m betting on Ricki Stanzi at the moment. (That’s such an odd sentence to type). I’ve also got Kansas City’s defense for the moment. I HATE going all in on the same team on both sides of the ball, so I doubt this will stay my starting lineup. But, if Stanzi gets the call, (also an odd thing to type) plus the fact that they are playing the absurdly good Packers offense, I may stay with both picks.

The adversary hasn’t made his picks yet, so in lieu of mocking his picks this week, I’ll mock the new Jaguars owners’ mustache. Obviously he was recently fired from his position as a 1930’s villain that ties women to railroad tracks, so the crew at Suckleague wishes him luck as the owner of the Jaguars. I kid, actually I love this guy, I love his rags to riches success story, and I love his pioneer old west mustache. The reverse fantasy football world awaits your draft this year Shahid Khan. Make your mark.



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