Why don’t more people play Suckleague?

Written by SLAdmin on December 18th, 2011

These past few weeks have been stupid fun, and I’ll get into this week in a moment. But this time of year usually gets me thinking, yet again, about how much more fun reverse fantasy football is than regular fantasy football, and how come more people don’t play reverse fantasy football. Not that regular fantasy football isn’t fun, I play that too. But as today proves once again, figuring out that Drew Brees will throw a bunch of touchdowns isn’t nearly as challenging as figuring out who will throw a bunch of picks. This blog was originally motivated by the responses both the adversary and myself have been getting for the better part of a decade any time we would explain it to someone: “It’s just 2 people?” and “Wow, that’s a great idea” and “That sounds really fun, I’m going to do that next year”. Yet it never seems to get past that point, or at least as far as we knew. This year has actually seen the first comments to this site that weren’t from the adversary (Thanks Dan) and as I can tell from Google analytics, people are visiting (and some portion can even read I assume). So hopefully each year sees more interest and people, and more comments, so we can share in each other’s triumphs. So if you’ve had some fun, tell your friends, jump in, and spread the word. I churn out this insanity for you, humanity. I’m just that selfless.

To this week’s nuttiness. My fortune changed in few seconds: How do you go from sitting pretty at -7.00 to +4.00 in ONE PLAY? Well you start Tampa’s defense as I did, then you watch Dallas go up 28-0 in the first half. You notice you’re down (up) by -7.00 already and begin fantasizing about the perfect game (give up 35+ points, no sacks, picks, etc.)

Then, literally in the blink of an eye, you climb the ladder of horror:

Step 1: Huh, they just sacked Romo, darn.

Step 2: Oh crap, they knocked the ball out of his hand.

Step 3: Oh COME ON, Tampa picked it up.


And then you just kind of sit there in shock, and wonder was that really the last 5 seconds of your life? Luckily Tampa did not much else, but they still had me in the positive by 5. I went with Tampa because I had a bad feeling about the Green Bay / Kansas City game, so I dropped KC’s defense. The adversary quickly snatched up Kansas City’s defense, then grabbed Kellen Clemens. LITERALLY as I went to pick him up. So, 5 points in the positive because of Tampa’s defensive TD, facing Kellen Clemens and a KC defense that would probably give up 40 to Green Bay, I threw a hail mary. My target? Caleb Hanie. Who? Exactly.

3 interceptions and 4 sacks later, he yielded me a solid -2.00. (He managed one TD, good for him. Not so much for me. But he’s probably more concerned with his development as an NFL quarterback than how my Suckleague team does. FINE.)

Anyway, if you saw the Green Bay game, you can imagine how the adversary’s day went. Kansas City’s defense gave him a +5 as well, and Clemens was no help, adding +12 to that. So another strong win for team me.

Hmm, this is odd, I typed Caleb Hanie into a Google image search and it returned a picture of Corey Haim:


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