Playing with myself

Written by SLAdmin on January 4th, 2012

I had a very good (good) year in my Suckleague. I’d have to recheck the math but I think I won 12 of the 17 weeks. The adversary took this like a man (a sobbing pre-teen).

Last week, he took his football and went home. I even texted him on Saturday reminding him to finish strong, as it’s all about glory now. (I may have also called him Judy or Phyllis.) Look, every week is a chance to strap your boots on, climb that hill, and heave a damn javelin at the hoard of incoming Persians. EARN THESE SHIELDS BOYS!

Yeah, so the adversary did the opposite of that, didn’t even mail it in, and I won by default. He can’t even claim his “Ribbon of Participation – everyone’s a winner!” I actually did well too, the one-two punch of T.J. Yates and Tampa Bay’s “defense” (fragile boys choir) was worth a solid -1.20. Any week in the negative is a good week.

So another glorious regular season is in the history books. But make sure you stay tuned; next up will be this years “Suckies”, honoring 2011′s outstanding (appalling) players and their outstanding (gruesome) performances. I can hand the first one out now: For his week 17 non-performance, the 2011 “Eye of the Kitten” award goes to – the Adversary.



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