Full Circle

Written by SLAdmin on March 22nd, 2012

First post in a while, sorry about that but the job I have that actually pays valid currency got super busy for a while. I also owe everyone the annual Suckies and those are coming shortly. But I had to drop a quickie (who say’s that?) about Alex Smith’s new contract.

If you’ve been on this site at all, you know how much love I have for Alex Smith. In his first outing, the guy had the most amazing (appalling) Suckleague year ever and his rookie season was and always will be the first Hall of Fame Suckleague inductee. And I have a feeling it will never be beat. That year’s combination of inexperience, zero coaching, and no help from anyone else on the team, may stand forever as Suckleague’s Mona Lisa.

That said, I’m also always of the hope these guys mature and become successful NFL players. And the worst ever his first year, is getting pretty damn good and just got pretty damn paid. I honestly could not be happier for the guy. Actually I could, if he wins a ring at some point. If that happens, some kind of space-time terrible / anti-terrible matter explosion will probably knock out my server.

Good to be back.

Oh and there’s her as well. MY BABY HAS GROWN UP!



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