Suckleague 2 – The Wrath of Shahid Khan

Written by SLAdmin on September 4th, 2012

There’s been some changes here at reverse fantasy football HQ. For reasons beyond the scope of this blog, the adversary is no more at Suckleague. But, we bear him no ill will and wish him luck in his future endeavors. Suckleague must and will continue.

Now to the exciting news. While the adversary may be gone, please allow me to introduce… the adversary! I could hardly go on about the strenuous screening process and all the science that went into the ultimate selection of the new adversary, so I won’t even try. But let me say this: I’m excited, and for good reason. For the first time ever, the adversary will be posting content! That’s right, adversary 2.0 is interactive. His writing has been sampled and it appears to be of high quality, potentially written by him, and even possilby not stolen. I assume most of it’s spelled correctly as well.

What this means to you is now you’ll have even more suckleague! Well, wait. Let me think about that. I’ve been doing 100% of the posting since inception, so I may have to start slacking a bit. Hell I could even take this season off if this works out. No, that’s probably a bad idea, somebody would notice, well, might notice. Anyway, what this clearly means to you, is more, or less, or about the same amount, of high quality, or the same quality, or measurably lower quality content. And how can you not be excited about that?

So, it’s a new day at Suckleague, let’s jump in. The Suckleague 2012 draft is complete and the results are in. I’ll let the adversary explain his terrible (in the best sense of the word) picks. With the #2 pick, I grabbed the Miami Dolphins defense, fully expecting Arian Foster to sprain his PCL from running thorugh them for 650 yards. My QB pick was equally appaling: The guy who plays quarterback for the Cleavland Browns. Yep, him. (Sorry, one sec.) Yep, Brady Weelen. Er, Brady Weeden, sorry. BRANDON, Bradon Weeden. BAM. And finally, my team name this year? What else, “Research in Motion”. I fully expect the team to outlast the company while matching the performance of their stock.

So join me in welcoming the adversary. I sense the sun is rising on the worst season yet.

Ok, this image is creeping me out the more I look at it. If Shahid Khan’s head ever does for whatever reason expand to the size of our sun, I don’t think I’d go outside anymore.

Jeff (Guess I need to sign these now)

Wrath of Kahn


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