Mark Zuckerberg at Colonus

Written by SLAdmin on September 6th, 2012

Ok, had I known the adversary had made it past 3rd grade, unlike some of us (me), I may not have pursued this. Look, all the complete sentences and correct grammar in the adversary’s first post have NO place at Suckleague. I start 50% of my sentences with a conjunction. And (see?) I wouldn’t know good diction if it crawled up my ass and had kittens. I suppose it’s time to hop on that GED so I can find out what “Exeunt” means.

I will say I got a kick out the draft presented as a Greek tragedy, however I doubt Sophocles has anything to worry about at this year’s City Dionysia festival. What’s not tragic (worst transition ever) is that Suckleague is now on Facebook and Twitter (I thought a Suckleague LinkedIn account might be overkill). So be sure to check us out at and “like” suckleaugue. If you want keep up with my thoughts as soon as possible, you’ll get the occasional gray matter dry heave at @suckleague on Twitter.

Gameday can’t get here fast enough, so I wanted to put together a Ryan Tannehill vs. Brandon Weeden pre-game matchup pic. However, I have no idea what either of them look like, so I’m really relying on Google image search here. I THINK this is Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden. IT’S SO ON.

– Jeff



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