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Written by SLAdmin on September 22nd, 2012

You might be interested to know that I actually have an ownership position in my team’s namesake. That’s right, I own Research in Motion stock. 8 whole shares of it. Yep, yours truly pulled the trigger on that acquisition when RIM was trading at an absurdly low $26 a share. Current value? $6.50. Be sure to watch your Kindles for my next book, “How to turn $208 into $52 in just 14 months” this holiday season. I’d like to say it was to show my commitment to my reverse fantasy football team that motivated the purchase, so we’ll go with that. Think the adversary is committed enough to own a Comfort Wipe? I doubt it as well. Unless he has range of motion issues, in which case, I don’t mean to poke fun at your condition. But, either way, let’s stop talking about the butt wand thing.

I have to admit, I seriously considered not starting B Weeden this week. Not because I think he’s all out of suck (what am I without you?), but the Brownies play Buffalo, and playing Buffalo is just a recipe for career high numbers. However, I can’t let him go this quick, his next 2 games are against the Ravens and the Giants (Yeah I know). Defensively I’m on board with Tennessee and guessing 5,000 yard season Matt Stafford shows up.

Other than that, I assume the adversary was too busy to gloat this week. That or he realized a .24 point victory is not really gloat worthy, if even an actual victory. I, in the meantime, will check my shares of Nokia. Drat.

– The un-adversary


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