Written by SLAdmin on September 26th, 2012

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. If you had “that guy” in your Suckleague reverse fantasy football referee league, you did quite well this week. And yes, there are people who live in forests with their noses pierced with bones and red ochre rubbed all over their naked bodies that knew I would open with that. Listen, it’s a short week and I really didn’t have time to put together anything creative or funny. And, yes, those same forest people were well aware you’d come back with, “Well why would you start now?”

Group Shaman “HEYOO!”


Oh go evolve more. So we finally had a week where you didn’t need a microscope to determine the winner. I handily bested (worsted) the adversary by a tick over a convincing 10 points. The QBs both played fairly mediocreishly (word?), but in the end, the Kansas City “defense” was the adversary’s undoing, posting several sacks and an interception. Tennessee’s defense had no such antics, giving up a big fat 40 burger. I didn’t even have to check Yahoo to know of my victory. The adversary sent me an email shortly after 4pm with the following title:

“oh for god’s sake”

That’s of course suck-speak for “You won”. I know this email well. I’ve sent this email more than once. Other oft used titles for this email:

“what was that”


“#$%@ you”

So with Weeden facing Baltimore and Tennessee travelling down to Houston, I will be making no moves at all this week. How many cards do I want? None. I’ve already got jack high.

– Heffe



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