Personal foul, post is all over the place

Written by SLAdmin on October 22nd, 2012

So I was reviewing the material I put together for this post, and it’s a complete mess. I had started by pointing out that, as I drive a bunch for business, I drive a hybrid, then went into this bit about how you’d think I’d have some kinship with other hybrid drivers. However I really don’t, as they drive too slow and annoy me, and then some piece about how whenever I pass one, my mind starts playing angry lesbian folk artist muzak, the kind where they sing about pavement or honey, like you might hear in the bathroom at Crate and Barrel. So that lead into a rant, something about me being accused of being a Freemason? Really? Man, this is all over the place. So, as absolutely NOTHING is coming of this, and since the best course of action for a bad idea is a quick death, let’s turn to the ultimate cure for writer’s block: John Gruden’s ramblings.

Update 10:55 pm: Ok, you have to be kidding me. I’ve put up with 3 quarters of this and John Gruden’s comments are intelligent, coherent, and for the most part proper English. I give up (again). So to this week’s fantasy match:

The adversary and I have reverted to our razor thin margins of victory, the winner (winner) being determined this week by less than a point. He went all in on the Jets at the last minute, and frankly that was a really strong move. However Mark Sanchez did just enough to outdo my “team” of John Skelton (I don’t know who he is either) and Washington’s defense. I will take the final score of 8.24 vs. 9.16, advantage me.

So, there you go. I don’t see this post improving at all, so in closing, I’ll go ahead and close.


– J


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