So I cook a lot

Written by SLAdmin on October 26th, 2012

So I cook a lot. I think I’ve mentioned that in more than one post, but If I haven’t let me do that now. So I cook a lot. And one of my favorite questions to pose whilst cooking is “How do you make sure you don’t use too much cilantro?” The answer to that question will come in a minute. And yes, somehow I just used “whilst” in a post. Consequently an impenetrable awesome bubble has just formed around me.

So week 8 is upon us and I’m sticking with Jack Skelton vs. the allegedly brutal 49ers defense. Not so allegedly brutal is the Jacksonville Jaguar defense (also mine), who face Aaron Rogers and the rest of the Green Bay Packers at home this week. The adversary is to some extent against the ropes this week, what with team me (still encompassed by an impenetrable awesome bubble) at 5-2 and team body odor poopy head (the adversary) currently sitting at 2-5. In his defense, several of those games have been decided by less than a point. But I think, in his first year in the fishbowl, under the microscope of the official Suckleague HQ reverse fantasy football league, the pressure he feels must be excruciating. Or no big deal at all and nothing he thinks about ever, that’s possible as well.

Anyway, back to culinary question of the evening, “How do you make sure you don’t use too much cilantro?” That is of course a trick question; you can’t use too much cilantro. Sorry Alex Smith, I have so much cilantro wood right now.


– J


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