Week 10 Make-up pix

Written by TheAdversary on November 13th, 2012

Since my computer crashed on Saturday morning, I had to wait until today (and my return to work) in order to upload the pictures I intended to post in my most recent entry. I hear it’s up for a Pulitzer, so I better get these online right away.

My only regret, and one I’m sure I’ll remember on my death bed, is that I was unable to find an image of a chimichanga inside a condom. Although maybe that will be easier now that it’s required in LA County. (Don’t worry, I feel completely secure in my job while doing this at work.)

Also … HOLY CRAP, I won the week. I was certain last night that I didn’t because Buffalo was so atrocious and the Steel-belted Radials only scored 16 on KC. I don’t have cable, my pirate internet was inaccessible, and I was hosting a “guest” who would not stop talking, so I had no idea what happened last night except for occasionally checking the score when I “had to go to the bathroom.” Thanks, Sam Bradford, for showing up–I don’t think you’re worthy of the Blackberry 10 any longer, but that’s not my call to make.

–Chief Wipe


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