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Written by SLAdmin on December 16th, 2012

Let me get this out of the way. I was in Publix earlier this evening and I noticed that John Skelton is now a Red Baron pizza box model:


Of course, he played ghastly last week, -18 something. While I expect him to be fired at some point in the near future, I have to admire his forward-thinking-ness-man-ship in already scoring a gig with Red Baron. Ryan Lindley is playing detestable football as well, but I doubt he has the name recognition of a John Skelton (?) to land something this big. Frankly, if Arizona could stick with one quarterback, either the adversary or myself would be 15-0 right now, but they keep changing out the position.

For dinner this evening, I decided to pull the trigger on the John Skelton pizza. I did my best to come up with a suitable side dish. After some debate, I naturally went with fuyu persimmons:


So I sat down to enjoy my meal of John Skelton pizza and fuyu persimmons (said nobody at all in the history mankind) and consider week 15.

True story, I went to swap out Philadelphia’s defense at 8:21 PM on Thursday evening. The game hadn’t started by a longshot, however Yahoo was adamant in insisting the game had started at 8:20 PM and that I couldn’t have Tampa’s defense. I call BS on this and demand a do-over.

You could make the argument that only 6 year olds request a do-over and you’d be correct for the most part. Frankly you’d be correct in every instance. However that doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t win and there must be some way to correct that.

Am I being delusional to some (every) extent? Probably (without question). And really, even though Tampa’s defense was worth a vulgar -13.00, Christen Ponder scored me 10.62 and I couldn’t on any level recover from the adversary’s disgusting -9.32 performance this week.
So going into reverse fantasy football week 16, it’s still anybody’s season (keeping in mind that if the adversary wins, it doesn’t really count)

– J


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