2013-14 season preview: spam

Written by TheAdversary on August 20th, 2013

I thought I’d take the opportunity to sneak one last post in before my account is revoked. Actually, it’s just a cut-and-paste job of some spam I got a couple of weeks ago–I can’t be bothered to write something “original.”

Nothing makes me cringe in fear for the coming Suckleague season like some (not really) targeted Spam–especially one featuring one of the standouts (complete disasters) of the 2013 Suckleague season. I mean, look at that stash/’do combo–disgusting.

–The Adversary

—– Now for the good part —–

Everywhere, Sanchez is under siege, whether from Mycetophilidae, media or metro New Yorkers.Just two summers ago, he was posing for magazine covers, the fresh new face of football quarterbacks.Today, he is seen as all but done, destined to lose his job to a rookie with great potential, but one who was not wanted in the first round of the cheap nfl jerseys shopdraft.With his every throw dissected in this camp – and many of those throws wobbling – the consensus from those who watch every day is that he stands no chance of beating smith.

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Back in July 2003, some may have thought they had Warner and Manning pegged very well.Let s give warner a pass for the injury.He ll get the rams back to elite status this season.Peyton?He just lost 41-0 to the Jets.No playoff wins in five seasons.Tony dungy was the wrong hire.The colts will never win a playoff game with those chokers at the helm. ”
So this will let us know kind of game situations what it’s gonna be like week in and week out with a different set of receivers.Like i said, i can’t wait to see these guys in the game to actually see jerseys for salehow they communicate, how they play, how they hit, how they take getting beat, how they take making a play and just bouncing back and keeping it going.”
”We really didn’t know what we were getting when we got Nnamdi, ” Fangio said.”He’s got some good days out here and some days where we weren’t sure if he was going to be able to still have it.So i think we’re kind of in between with him right now.Hopefully, he’ll still have some gas left in his tank to go out there and play like he did prior to going to philadelphia.So i think the jury is still out there.”


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