Suckleague 2013 – Promises made, promises made.

Written by SLAdmin on August 22nd, 2013

At the close of last season I reaffirmed my commitment to posting regularly in the off season and invited the adversary to do so as well. So naturally, minus a reasonably lucent post shortly after the 2012 season ended (something about GMC, slashing weapons, and applicable state laws), I have posted a total of zero (0) times in 2013. Don’t get me wrong, most (all) rational humans are thankful for this.

However, I, much like the adversary, have watched in sickened dismay regarding Mark Sanchez’s attempt to look like the cafeteria lady from my high school. Case in point:

Geno Smith and Blaine Gabbert called and think that’s jacked up.

Speaking of Geno Smith and Blane Gabbert and all the rising (utterly sinking) stars of 2014, a new season of Suckleague approaches.

So, with nothing but respect:


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