Time to Panic

Written by SLAdmin on October 3rd, 2013

You know, you grow up thinking, sure, sometimes things will get weird, but, dang it, this is America (6 commas in that sentence. The University of Phoenix just revoked my A.S. in literary scientogrophy). No matter how hard things seem, we always come out on top. This is a nation that wins. I mean we took out Hitler AND Bin Laden. Can Portugal claim that? I doubt it.

However, I can’t lie. After this week, I’m no longer sure about anything. I’m really not sure that things can just go on from here. And the scary thing is, I don’t even know how it happened. I’ve gone over a seemingly infinite number of hypotheticals, and I can’t see a solution. Progress isn’t even possible. It’s the worst case scenario and I’m not sure there’s a way out.

The adversary has the Jacksonville Jaguars on both sides of the ball.

Title revision – it is clearly time to panic. Suckleague reverse fantasy football is built on the foundation that you always have a chance each and every week. While I still believe that, right now, it’s a bunch of crap. Until Jacksonville has a bye week, I’m not winning a game. The only team even close to the Jaguars level of horrid is Tampa and they’re off this week. I’m seemingly done for.

But you know what? I’ll keep fighting. Just like this great nation, I’m not going anywhere. The defense of Dallas and the offense of Carson Palmer being my only hope, I do hereby affirm to you, as long as the government of this great country is functioning, I SHALL NOT GIVE UP HOPE.

Wait, what?


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