Are Ya Car Keys In Your Khakis? (Say it out loud)

Written by SLAdmin on October 17th, 2013

This weekend the New England Patriots will be without Jerod Mayo, Aqib Talib, and of course Vince Wolfork.
Uh oh…

But wait! Not uh oh….

I know, I know, one week he sucks, the next week he plays well, then he’s appalling, then he looks like he might be the Jets’ long term answer, then the next week he’s flat out repugnant. I guess the part of me that suspects Geno Smith really does suck refuses to die. Time will tell, but I’m calling it, the Pats have nothing to worry about this week.

Oh and I’m not buying it Brady. Need I remind you who your banging this evening?

Exactly. Like you’re in a bad mood ever.



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