Some people just get it

Written by SLAdmin on October 18th, 2013

This is an actual quote from Jared Allen earlier this week – ‘We got a chance to do something epic here, let’s embrace the suck, let’s embrace this and move forward”.

Jared Allen is my new favorite football player. Let’s follow his lead and really embrace the suck this and every weekend.

On that note, after throwing 2 interceptions, fumbling, then being sacked 7 times, Carson Palmer yet again managed a garbage touchdown and sits on the plus side at 2.66. Not exactly the start to the reverse fantasy football week I was hoping for, but I’m confident my defense of *UNDECIDED* will keep me in the mix. I’m only facing Jacksonville’s defense (NO!) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (NO!). It will be fine (NO IT WON’T, MAKE IT STOP!).

– J


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