The House that Case Keenum Built

Written by SLAdmin on October 20th, 2013

Apparently this individual was the adversary’s quarterback this afternoon and apparently this individual figured out how to throw a touchdown pass in an NFL football match. Knowing nothing about this (human male?), yes he’d have to be human if he’s playing in the NFL, I did some digging. As always, a google image search proves enlightening:

This evidence confirms Casey Kasum Keenum is indeed a quarterback (note the bit under his name), AND is also in fact a one-star quarterback. So there you have it. Whoever this is, the adversary is still sitting mildly pretty. The aforementioned QB yielded him a not super 6.42. However, the defense of the Jacksonville Jaguars netted him a dreadful 0.00.

So this could go either way. My reverse fantasy football piggy bank already contains $2.66 worth of points from Carson Palmer’s half-assed outing and an IOU from the Colts defense.

Today’s tangent: The Jets still suck. I don’t care how many games they win, they suck. That’s not a rational statement but it sure seems like it ought to be. End Tangent.

I leave this evening in the hands of Captain combover and Chris Collinsworth.

– J


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