A Game for the Ages (Pop Warner Edition)

Written by SLAdmin on October 21st, 2013

The Giants are looking to bounce back from a godawful 0-6 start. I see no reason to believe this will occur other than that they play the Vikings of Minnesota. Minnesota is hoping to build on their one (1) win by turning to Josh Freeman as quarterback.

Yeah, that will fix it.

Don’t forget I am a Tampa fan (shut up) in the social world and I know what Josh Freeman is capable of. Josh Freeman will play 4 competent games a year then utterly melt down during the other 12. But let’s not dwell on any potential positives. It’s bottomless Tums night at the Monday Night Football producer’s house. Most dependable call for this game is the Nielsen ratings will be in the negative.

Needless to say, tonight the surviving members of the 72 dolphins, are doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

Ok, what in the name of sweet baby Horus is that? They need a quarterback dude, not a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Whatever, shake your body down to the ground if that works for you.

- J


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