Peyton Manning is a terrible quarterback

Written by SLAdmin on October 23rd, 2013

Fine he isn’t. He’s probably the best that’s ever played.

I’ll admit, like everyone else I’m to the point where I expect Peyton Manning to throw 6 touchdowns every week and that’s hardly a realistic expectation. That being said, WTF, PEYTON MANNING DID NOT THROW 6 TOUCHDOWNS THIS WEEK. Between his trivial 3 touchdowns AND an interception, the Colts defense racked up 2 fumble recoveries AND a safety, gaining me a hurtful 9.00 points.

Armed with Casey Keenum’s American Top 40 and the expectedly appalling Jacksonville defense, the adversary has won (won) the week. So he gets to drive the Suckleague reverse fantasy football taco truck for yet another week. Lucky bastard, I’m having cilantro withdrawals. On the bright side, Kellen Clemens (?) has gotten the call to start for the mighty Rams against the stout Seattle defense. He’ll have the full compliment of the Rams offensive weapons at his disposal like *** TODO: See if the Rams have any offensive weapons ***

I can’t say I have a clue what Kellen Clemens looks like and I just grabbed the first image that came back on Google, so here’s Kellen readying himself for Monday night.

Go get them.

- J


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