NFL Flex-Scheduling Tampa / Miami game

Written by SLAdmin on November 2nd, 2013

The NFL has announced that the Week 10 Dolphins-Buccaneers game scheduled to be played on Monday night, Nov. 11 has been chosen as the first flex-scheduled game of the year. The NFL will instead be showing an episode of The Good Wife.

“We understand that some games look good at the beginning of the season, but lose some of their meaning as the season wears on. That’s why we created the flex-schedule to begin with”, explained Roger Goodell. “We have every confidence that repeating an episode of The Good Wife from 3 weeks ago will draw vastly better ratings than a Tampa / Miami game. We just want to keep the fans happy.”

Local TGIFridays owner Charles Shepard responded to the news, “Wow, that’s a relief. At least we’ll get some Monday night business now. I was just going to close up after lunch.”

The Dolphins-Buccaneers game will still be played, flexed into the Tuesday 4:25 a.m. slot on BRAVO.

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