Tampa Bay Buccaneers thrilled to be 8-0 with moral victories

Written by SLAdmin on November 3rd, 2013

The Buccaneers once again played their hearts out on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, and the best effort they could muster wasn’t enough to win an NFL game. However they are a perfect 8-0 on the season when it comes to moral victories.

“This is huge, I mean man, for us to come out here and play our butts off and show our support for coach Schiano, and just miss the win, it’s special”, explained Buccaneers running back Mike James with a big smile on his face, “This is a team moral win”.

“It felt awesome”, exclaimed a bright eyed Greg Schiano, “This is huge moral win for these guys and well deserved. There’s a lot of good things that will show up on the tape. Morally running the ball, morally stopping the run. Once we calmed down, the defense was morally outstanding. This is a signature moral win.”

The sentiment from Seattle was understandably not as positive. “I mean sure, we’re 8-1 and we won a close game and first in our division and all that, but it just feels kind of empty. You’ve got to morally hand it to them”, said a despondent Richard Sherman. “This will sting for a bit.”

“It’s shocking to me,” Pete Carroll added. “I thought we were way better than this morally, but clearly not. It’s something we’ll work on this week.”

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