All your base are belong to, uh, Matt McGloin

Written by SLAdmin on November 16th, 2013

There’s few things as special in the reverse fantasy football universe as never having heard of your starting quarterback. As that’s the case this week, I’ve decided to do a bit more than just mock the way his name sounds, and get to know my field general du jour a bit further.

Matthew James McGloin was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1983 and attended Penn State University. Ok, who cares. I tried. His name sounds like a seasonal loose meat sandwich. The McGloin is back, for limited a time (until we run out of tripe).

So I won (won) again this week. We’re actually seeing some disparity this year at Suckleague HQ. Ever since what’s his name singed on at the beginning of last season, we’ve been disturbingly close (in points scored). However this week I find myself up 2 games. Another win this week and dare I say time to panic Mr. Sary?

The war, as they say, rages on.

Henne. McGloin.

Make us proud sons.

– J


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