Titans taking a second look at John Skelton

Written by SLAdmin on November 18th, 2013

With Jake Locker out for the season, the Titans are bringing John Skelton back for a second visit. Currently, the only active quarterbacks on the Titan’s roster are Rusty Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick, so it’s no surprise they are looking to add more depth. Titans coach Mike Munchak explained, “We had Skelton in for a look last week and we brought him in for a second look earlier today.”

When asked how those visits went, Munchak replied “Pretty well. When we first looked at John Skelton, I kind of thought he looked like that Finn kid from Glee, the one who died recently. However after today, both myself and the rest of the coaching staff seem to be forming a consensus that he looks like Ben Affleck. He’s really tall as well.”

When asked if the organization was close to signing Skelton, Munchak replied “Oh dear god no. Have you never seen him play?”

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